LKQ Corporation is a fast-growing Fortune 300 company and the leader in the North American automotive repair industry. We provide new and recycled automotive parts. We are a rapidly growing company with over 45,000 employees in 25 countries. Our people and our corporate culture are what sets us apart from the competition. It is what has made us so successful over the years.

We recently have been recognized as a 5-Star Employer in North America by Work Buzz.

If you are looking for a good company with competitive salaries and opportunities for advancement, LKQ could be the place for you!


Employee Recognition Program

Each employee receives a recognition award, a personalised plaque and awards, for years of service. (5, 10, 15 years and over)

Partners Discounts

You can also enjoy additional discounts with our partners:

Ford Canada Program

GM Canada Program

FCA Canada Program

Acklands Grainger

And more!

Group Insurance

Coverage for single, couple, single parent or family, eligible after three (3) months of service (Comprehensive Prescription Drug Plan, Dental Care, Vision Care and more.)

Pension Plan

Registered Pension Plan (RPP) with LKQ contribution up to a maximum of 4%.
(Eligible after 3 months of service.)

Relocation Program

LKQ provides a full range of free* and professional moving assistance services for a new hire or internal employee to relocate for a position with LKQ.

Employee Assistance Fund

The LKQ Employee Assistance Fund helps qualified employees who have experienced a natural disaster, an incident resulting in death or other circumstances.

Employee Assistance Program

Counseling for short-term solutions

Professional support regarding well-being and health (Doctor, Psychologist, Social Worker, etc.)

Legal advice, and financial support

Stress management following a serious incident

Employee Referral Bonus

LKQ Canada has put together a strong referral program, which makes it possible to refer exceptional candidates, and to receive compensation.

Tuition Assistance Program

LKQ Canada supports personal and professional development through recognized training so that employees can maintain and develop their professional skills to increase their ability to apply for jobs within the company. (Up to $2,500 per calendar year)

Joseph M. Holsten Scholarship

LKQ Corporation offers scholarships to deserving students whose parent works at LKQ. (400 scholarships X $2,500 = $1,000,000.00 USD)

Parts Purchase Program

An employee may purchase aftermarket parts, recycled parts and accessories for themselves and immediate family members only.

Safety Shoes Allowance

LKQ Canada employees who are required to wear CSA approved safety footwear while performing their duties/responsibilities are eligible for a maximum annual reimbursement of $200.

Global Matching Gifts Program

The LKQ Community Foundation will match 100% of an employee’s charitable contributions up to $500 (U.S. dollar equivalent) per calendar year to “eligible charities,” which include organizations that are vetted and approved by our matching gifts provider.

Wellness account

The wellness account promotes the health and well-being of eligible employees by providing $300 per year.

Do you want to join our great team?

Jobs to fill

Inside sales

Coordinador de ventas internas

इनसाइड सेल्स कोर्डिनेटर

Координатори з внутрішніх продажів


Warehouse worker

Asociados de almacén

गोदाम सहयोगी

Працівники складу



Desmanteladores de automóviles

ऑटोमोटिव डिसमेंटलर



Delivery Driver

Conductores de entrega

डिलीवरी ड्राइवर्स

Водії для доставки


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